Drawing contest about urban green

21 September 2022

In the period October and November 2022, a drawing competition was held for the three schools that are part of our citizen science network. The aim was to teach the concepts of livable environments and urban green to children through a drawing competition, where they were able to use their imagination to tell what it means to them.​

  • On October 11, 2022 we started visiting O.S. Flora 2.
  • On October 12, 2022 it was the turn to visit O.S. Pontbuiten.
  • OS Lelydorp was visited on Friday October 14, 2022.

They were briefly told about Tropenbos, after which the words “urban green” were projected. A question to the children was what they thought it meant. There was only 1 student who got it right from the 6th grade of O.S. Lelydorp. It was easy to guess what was meant by “green” in that context after the brief introduction about Tropenbos Suriname was given. When the question came who has a tree in their yard and if they like the trees, all hands went up and it was stated with certainty that the tree provides tasty fruit and shade.

The animation video was used as inspiration for the drawings where the different benefits are shown. 


Pictures from left to right: Presentation at O.S Lelydorp, O.S. Pontbuiten en O.S. Flora. The children were listening attentively

The drawings of the three primary schools, O.S. Flora 2, O.S. Lelydorp and O.S. Pontbuiten were collected on the 25th of October 2022. The total was 169:

  • O.S. Flora 2: 20 drawings of the 5th grade and 23 of the 6th grade
  • O.S. Lelydorp: 21 drawings from the 5th grade and 5 from the 6th grade
  • O.S. Pontbuiten: 50 from the 5th grade and 50 drawings from the 6th grade

The top drawings were laid beside each other.

From O.S. Pontbuiten there was a discussion between two best drawings of the 5th grade and were the opinions of the other colleagues of Tropenbos Suriname needed for a final decision.


All 169 drawings were placed on the table in turn for evaluation. In the end there were not 6, but 7 best drawings.

Left to right: Ruth-Rachel Joeroeja and Davita Obergh in front of the table filled with drawings. The 7 best drawings.


About the impression of one special drawing

One of the drawings made an extra impression on the artist who decided to give that student a special prize. This is to encourage that student to continue telling his story through art, because of the clear potential that emerged.


Adriano from O.S.Pontbuiten and his drawing which was rewarded by Ruth-Rachel Joeroeja.


Drawing of Navijoe form the 5th grade from O.S.Pontbuiten.


Ikoendaja and her drawing from the 6th grade O.S. Pontbuiten.


The drawing from Jewel from the 5th grade O.S. Lelydorp.



Ammaar from the 6th grade from O.S.Lelydorp.


The winner! The drawing of Janet from the 5th grade from O.S. Flora 2


The green drawing from Dawya from the 6th grade O.S.Flora 2.

The winning drawing came from O.S. Flora 2 from the 5th grade: Janet Panka Sirine, age 10. Her story about urban green stood out the most.


The best drawing was placed on the wall of the school where the student is from.



A big thanks also to the other students for their spontaneity and their beautiful drawings, and above all, the teachers of the fifth and sixth grade of O.S. Flora 2, O.S. Pontbuiten and O.S. Lelydorp for supervising during the drawing competition!

Many thanks also to the artist Ruth-Rachel Joeroeja for transforming the drawing into a unique mural that everyone can enjoy.


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