On this page you will find more information related to urban greenery from various angles, such as urban planning, health and climate. Choose a category to learn more about the topic.

Ecosystem Services

Nature contributes to our well-being in various ways through so-called ecosystem services.

There are production (eg food, water), regulatory (eg climate, pollination) and cultural services (eg recreation, health). Urban green provides various ecosystem services. Want to know more?

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Climate and en micro-climate

Urban areas have influence on the local weather system compared to surrounding, less built-up areas. This creates an urban heat island effect, which means that the temperature in urban areas is often higher than in rural surrounding areas. Urban green spaces are influencing this micro climate. Want to know more?

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Urban Planning

Urban planning is important for land use development and design, providing services such as transportation, sewage and infrastructure. The livability of a city (healthy environment, cultural experience, safety) is important for the well-being of residents.

Urban greenery plays an important role in this! Want to know more?

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Other subjects

Urban green has various subjects. For example, many studies have been conducted into the relationship between health, both physical and mental, and the presence of urban greenery. Urban greenery, with the right planning, can also contribute to urban beautification and thus promote economic activities. Want to know more?

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Green Conversations

In this project, raising awareness of current and future policymakers and society in general is an important component. Since the COVID-19 pandemic became noticeable in Suriname, we were forced to postpone our planned awareness-raising activities for the time being. However, thanks to technology, we can still work on awareness and social debate in an alternative way. Want to know more? Read on below.

For auto-generated subtitles, select the settings icon in the youtube video. Consequently, turn on subtitles (which will be in Dutch) and then select the auto-translate option to choose the language you wish. Click on the 'cc' icon to turn display the subtitles.

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