Green4Action: providing actionable knowledge and evaluating impact

01 May 2023

Over the last four years, the Green Paramaribo Twinning project (funded by UTSN Twinning faciliteit) and the citizens based monitoring of healthy-living benefits of urban green spaces (funded by NWO) established a citizen-science monitoring network on urban green spaces and temperatures in the city. Also, various awareness-raising events were organized, and the project team has developed educational material on urban green spaces for higher education and primary schools.

With the new Green4Action project, we will focus on turning the collected data into actionable knowledge and on evaluating the impacts of the previous projects. In more detail, we will:
• Conduct a usability analysis of the website providing the data resulting from the citizen science monitoring and improve the website;
• Provide actionable knowledge based on the research findings of the two previous projects;
• Review the literature on ways of measuring the impacts of citizen science projects
• Evaluate the impacts of the projects.

Green4Action runs until the end of 2023 and is funded by the Geo Citizen Science Hub of the University of Twente, the Netherlands. Tropenbos Suriname with the University of Twente will continue to work with their existing network.