Urban green plays an important role in the quality of life in a city. Forest fragments, trees, other vegetation and green landscaping, all of which belong to urban green, provide various ecosystem services to which we as humans benefit our well-being. Advantages such as cooling the immediate environment, combating erosion, promoting rainwater infiltration, beautifying the city and ensuring a pleasant stay with opportunities for recreation. Watch our animation.

With increasing urbanization worldwide and also in Suriname, the challenges for urban planning and keeping the city livable are increasing. Climate change threatens to exacerbate this, inter alia with a predicted increase in temperature. Promoting and properly maintaining urban greenery is one of the ways to counteract or mitigate the consequences. Moreover, urban planning, if properly planned and maintained, has many more benefits for our well-being and prosperity (Check the Resources page to learn more!).

Suriname is often called the greenest country in the world due to its high forest coverage. What about greenery in our city, where more than half of our population lives? Does Paramaribo, whose old town is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, honor that name of the greenest country in the world?

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