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Urban green spaces and variation in cooling in the humid tropics: The case of Paramaribo. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening

08 March 2024

Summary of Best, Schwarz, Obergh, Teuling, van Kanten, Willemen (2023): Urban green spaces and variation in cooling in the humid tropics: The case of Paramaribo. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 89: 128111

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Student Saskia Chote investigated the perceptions, uses and management of Urban Green Spaces in Paramaribo

24 November 2023

We proudly present Saskia Chote, who successfully completed her master thesis which was focused on the perceptions, uses and management of urban green spaces in Paramaribo.

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Green4Action: providing actionable knowledge and evaluating impact

01 May 2023

The Green4Action project by Tropenbos Suriname with the University of Twente-ITC will focus on turning the our collected citizen science data into actionable knowledge and on evaluating the impacts of our work on urban green spaces in the greater Paramaribo region.

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Drawing contest about urban green

21 September 2022

In the period October and November 2022, a drawing competition was held for the three schools that are part of our citizen science network. The aim was to teach the concepts of livable environments and urban green to children through a drawing competition, where they were able to use their imagination to tell what it means to them.

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Student Druti Gangwar mapped out the quality of the public green spaces for physical activity in Paramaribo

21 July 2022

We proudly present Druti Gangwar, who succesfully completed her master thesis which was focused on mapping the quality of the public green spaces for physical activities in Paramaribo, Suriname

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Seminar Towards a Green and more Livable Paramaribo

01 November 2021

On October 28, 2021, Tropenbos Suriname and the ITC organized a seminar to share the project results with stakeholders.

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Green garden sessions

29 October 2021

The tips and tricks for having your own green garden in 5 episodes of Foto Prani. These were broadcasted via the television stations STVS and Apintie.

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Re-design: My Paramaribo

28 October 2021

What would Paramaribo look like with urban greenery that positively influences our well-being, with more facilities that improve the quality of life and quality of life? The re-designs were made on the basis of livability aspects, integration of urban greenery and the Sustainable Development Goals. The competition was made possible in part by WWF Guianas and Ilaco NV.

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Citizen science monitoring reunion

14 October 2021

The purpose of this meeting was to give the volunteers a first glamps of what exactly happens with the information they collect. Sharing their experiences in collecting the data was also part of the reunion. Representatives of several agencies were present at this meeting to discuss how the information collected in its current form, can be further useful to them.

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Planting trees in collaboration with Public Green and Waste Management

13 August 2021

In order to provide Paramaribo with more quality greenery, a number of trees were planted at a number of locations in August 2021 in collaboration with the Public Greenery and Waste Management Directorate of the Ministry of Public Works.

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Green Garden sessions

10 August 2021

Less stone and more green in the garden has its advantages, especially in the hot dry season. But how to start? With the green garden sessions, Surinamese give 'tips and tricks'.

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Citizen Science in Paramaribo

06 May 2021

The Citizen Science concept within the green Paramaribo project is to involve citizens and social organizations as much as possible. They will mainly collect (scientific) information and will be directly involved in monitoring green spaces in their immediate area.

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Successful sport-scavenger hunt at the Cultuurtuin

30 March 2021

Last Sunday, the Cultuurtuin sports treasure hunt was organized by Tropenbos Suriname in collaboration with the Tigri Endurance Sport Club, members of the United Tour Guides Suriname and the National Parks Foundation (STINAPA). The Cultuurtuin is one of the few public green spaces in Paramaribo with a special botanical history. It was a successful day with a lot of interest from young and old!

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Enter the Cultuurtuin Scavengerhunt

15 March 2021

The Cultuurtuin is one of the few, public, green places in Paramaribo that is accessible to everyone. It is of great cultural and historical value and it also has a special botanical history. In the context of World Forest Day, we organize a sport-scavenger hunt for those who would like to 'discover' more about the "Cul" and would enjoy a challenge!

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Winners Green Paramaribo photowalk II

11 December 2020

🌿After a successful photowalk in 2019 from which the "Green Paramaribo exposition" was created, Tropenbos Suriname and its twinning partner University of Twente (ITC) decided to organize another Green Paramaribo photowalk in 2020! This time adapted to the covid-19 measures.

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Student Razia Taus assessed and analyzed the spatial distribution of greenery in Paramaribo

14 September 2020

We are now proud to present Razia Taus, Who successfully completed her master thesis research. Her focus was on: "Assessing and analyzing the spatial distribution of greenery in Paramaribo using GIS and Remote Sensing"

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Student Joe McMeeken: The current and future supply of regulating ecosystem services

19 August 2020

We proudly present Joe McMeeken, Who successfully completed his master thesis research in "The current and future supply of regulating ecosystem services derived from green space in the tropical city of Paramaribo"

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Online Green Conversations

31 July 2020

The new corona virus is still spreading around mid-2020. Also in Suriname we can not get rid of COVID-19 for the time being. This brings new challenges for everyone, including the progress of the Green Paramaribo project. That requires us to be creative.

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Student Tom Remijn investigates the Urban Heat Island Effect

22 May 2020

We proudly present Tom Remijn, Who successfully completed his master thesis research in "The Cooling Effect of Urban Green Spaces in Paramaribo"

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"Look! The Green Giants" Challenge

22 May 2020

When we talk about the Green Giants of Paramaribo, we mean the Kankantri (Ceiba pentandra) and the Rain Tree (Samanea saman). Within this project we want to map the Green giants. Share as many photo's of the Giants as much as possible on your Facebook wall!

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Student Bernice Buohemaa does explorations of accessibility and social inequality of urban green spaces in Paramaribo

28 April 2020

We proudly present Bernice Osea Buohemaa , She successfully completed her master theisi research in " Explorations of accessibility and social inequality of urban green spaces in Paramaribo"

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Exposition 2020-Green Paramaribo Photo walk

17 January 2020

The exposition of the ten best photos started in January of this year. By sharing the images captured by talented participants of the Green Paramaribo Photo Walk, we want to reach the wider public via temporary expositions at different organizations and companies

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Top 10 Green Paramaribo Photo walk

04 December 2019

The 10 best photos were selected from a total of 38 photos by the jury consisting of three people: Ed Hoogenboom, Vanessa van Hetten and Hedweg "PLU" de la Fuente.

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Green Paramaribo Photo walk

26 November 2019

In cooperation with the Surinamese Photographers Association, SUFOV, Tropenbos Suriname organized the 'Green Paramaribo Photo walk'. In addition to a fresh morning walk linked to a photo competition, the goal was also to stimulate the community's awareness of urban greenery in an effective, simple way.

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To measure is to know

30 September 2019

Measuring is knowing and that is why temperature data is being collected during this large green project. The aim is to learn more about the cooling effect that green has on the environment.

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World Challenge Day Suriname Goes Green

29 May 2019

The World Challenge Day with a green twist! A green environment contributes to a good health, both mentally and physically. #TakeBackYourStreets was a concept for the World Challenge Day on Wednesday 29th of May 2019

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Student Training

29 March 2019

On Wednesday, March 20, 2019, three graduates from the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources course at the Anton de Kom University of Suriname.

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Our Twinning partner in Suriname

25 March 2019

Our Twinning partner visited Suriname in the week of 17-23th of March for the launch of the project

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Launch twinning project: Towards a greener and more livable Paramaribo

22 March 2019

Trees and other urban greenery can make an important contribution to the quality of life in Paramaribo, yet in 2019 there is insufficient appreciation for trees

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