29 March 2019


On Wednesday, March 20, 2019, three graduates from the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources course at the Anton de Kom University of Suriname attended a training course from Wieteke and Nina who were in Suriname.With their graduation research, the students will contribute to the collection of data and information for the project, aimed at mapping various types of urban green space, the cooling effect and other ecosystem services of urban green space.

The purpose of the training was to familiarize the students with the measuring instruments. Both stationary and mobile measuring instruments will be used. The stationary instruments can measure temperature and air humidity, while the mobile instruments are used to determine the heat stress on the basis of multiple parameters.

The students have become acquainted with the software applications with which they will collect the data, including Locust, GeoSurvey and KestrelLink. The information will be a combination of quantitative and qualitative information, whereby everything is made explicit as much as possible spatially.

In the second half of the training, the students were able to start practicing with the instruments at the CELOS site.