13 August 2021


Meanwhile, one of the student studies has shown that there is quite a bit of greenery in Paramaribo, but that large parts of it are either not accessible to everyone or are not properly maintained and can cause nuisance (for example, abandoned grounds) and that a very small percentage of that green space consists of trees.

This, while scientific research has shown that trees, compared to grass and low vegetation such as shrubs, have the most social and ecological functions, and therefore benefits for our well-being. To change that somewhat, a small initiative to plant trees has been started. Trees provide cooling, pollination, fruit, prevent erosion and beautification. Moreover, a green environment encourages us to do sports and to relax.
On August 13, 16, 17 and 26 2021, a series of trees were planted at Floralaan, Tapanahonystraat, Juanitastraat, Rensplein and Faiadjanplein in collaboration with the Public Greenery and Waste Management Directorate of the Ministry of Public Works.

The Public Greenery and Waste Management Directorate strives to ensure that its efforts result in improvement of the quality of life in Suriname. It also monitors the work through the Environmental Police, the Field Inspectorate and the General Coordination for the districts.

After an orientation earlier this year and discussions about suitable (and available) tree species, we started with 22 Apple Blossom trees (Cassia javanica) at the Floralaan.

The Apple Blossom tree has a wide crown that is mainly suitable for shade. Furthermore, it gives a nice appearance during flowering.

Also within this traject, 6 Cassia fistula were planted at the Tapanahonylaan. On August 17, 1 Delonix regia was planted at Rensplein wherafter 7 Tabebuia serratifolia were planted at Juanitastraat. The tree species and numbers were chosen after an orientation visit in March 2021. The aim was to plant trees as many locations as possible before the big dry season approached. The next planting session will take place in the short rainy season.


Due to start of the dry season and the warm temperatures, tree planting has been stopped for the time being. The aim is to pick this up again in the short rainy season. Of course, maintenance is important to ensure that the trees actually provide benefits and sufficient attention is given to this aspect from the project. However, there are also examples in the world, and even in Suriname, such as at Nickeriestraat, where the local residents themselves have made the environment more green and occasionally take care of young trees.

Do you have ideas about planting trees, locations that need to be more greener or about tree species? Send us a message and let us know!