10 August 2021

-Foto Prani-

"Foto Prani" is the collective name of  5 "green garden" series. The aim is to increase awareness and contribute in transferring knowledge about the productive models for urban agriculture. Foto Prani is intended for anyone who wants to be inspired to do urban agriculture regardless of their living space. Every film will have their own focus points.

The topics will be as followed

  1. The models and examples that mainly occur in Paramaribo
  2. Emphasizing the benefits and necessity of a healthy diet
  3. The benefits of having your own garden, no matter how small the space
  4. Functioning of a fertile soil, recovery and maintenance
  5. The necessary nutrients and the cooperation of plant and animal
  6. Mutual support of different plants
  7. How does natural crop protection happen
  8. The role of old/large trees in urban gardening systems
  9. The efficient and intensive use of soil, light, air and water
  10. Plants in three dimensions
  11. How do you keep the soil healthy through crop rotation and plant propagation
  12. Seeds and plant cuttings

Together with mr. Jef Crab of Ecosystem2000 we visited a number of gardeners who wanted to share their experience and inspiration. The series will mainly contain some simple methods on how to start an own garden. This not only contributes to the cooling effect in Paramaribo, but can have many other benefits for human well-being, such as healthy nutrition, savings on food, electricity, mental and physical health.

No big space is needed at all, as long as the first step is taken!