Student Tom Remijn investigates the Urban Heat Island Effect

22 May 2020

We proudly present Tom Remijn,

Who successfully completed his master thesis research in:

"The Cooling Effect of Urban Green Spaces in Paramaribo"

Hi I am Tom Remijn and for my MSc. Earth Science at the University of Amsterdam, in collaboration with the University of Twente, I did my thesis research in: The Cooling Effect of Urban Green Spaces in Paramaribo.

In a nutshell, this was about the cooling effect in both the dry and wet seasons of different types of green vegetation in Paramaribo.

This cooling gained urgency in the current times of global warming due to climate change.

I investigated this from Amsterdam using satellite images supplemented with local measurements and findings made during fieldwork in Paramaribo.

The research trip to Paramaribo was, without any doubt, the highlight of my research. During this trip I was greatly helped by the people of Tropenbos Suriname. They helped me with contacts or by making the contact for me, drove me around if necessary and in addition to my research they showed me the jewelry that the city of Paramaribo has to offer. A research trip almost felt like a holiday and I really enjoyed the city and the people of Paramaribo. I would like to thank all the organizations involved in the project for this.

Based on the results of my research, I hope to have done something in return for the city of Paramaribo and its inhabitants. I hope to emphasize the importance of green in the city of Paramaribo and to have contributed to a more livable and greener Paramaribo.


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OurTeam congratulates Tom Remijn with this achievement!
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