Online Green Conversations: covid-19 requires creativity

31 July 2020

The new corona virus is still spreading around mid-2020. Also in Suriname we can not get rid of COVID-19 for the time being. This brings new challenges for everyone, including the progress of the Green Paramaribo project. That requires us to be creative.

Increasing awareness is an important component in this project. Activities such as the World Challenge Day goes Green and the Green Paramaribo Photo Walk were organized in that context. Because these types of activities are not possible at the moment, we were forced to search for alternatives. Because everyone should stay at home as much as possible, we thought we should reach and involve people in a different way.

The Green Conversations are sets of online sessions with guest speakers on various themes, all of which in one way or another are connected with green in the living environment. With these sessions we hope to emphasize how versatile the contribution of urban green to our well-being is and also how additional challenges can be tackled.

The Green Conversations can be followed live online and are accessible for everyone to ask questions and participate in the discussions.

The first session was on July 30 and dealt with urban green as a cultural-historical heritage. A current theme in the context of the developments around the cultural garden in mid-July.

The sessions can be reviewed via the resource page.