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Re-design: My Paramaribo

28 October 2021

What would Paramaribo look like with urban greenery that positively influences our well-being, with more facilities that improve the quality of life and quality of life? The re-designs were made on the basis of livability aspects, integration of urban greenery and the Sustainable Development Goals. The competition was made possible in part by WWF Guianas and Ilaco NV.

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Citizen science monitoring reunion

14 October 2021

The purpose of this meeting was to give the volunteers a first glamps of what exactly happens with the information they collect. Sharing their experiences in collecting the data was also part of the reunion. Representatives of several agencies were present at this meeting to discuss how the information collected in its current form, can be further useful to them.

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Planting trees in collaboration with Public Green and Waste Management

13 August 2021

In order to provide Paramaribo with more quality greenery, a number of trees were planted at a number of locations in August 2021 in collaboration with the Public Greenery and Waste Management Directorate of the Ministry of Public Works.

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Citizen Science in Paramaribo

06 May 2021

The Citizen Science concept within the green Paramaribo project is to involve citizens and social organizations as much as possible. They will mainly collect (scientific) information and will be directly involved in monitoring green spaces in their immediate area.

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Enter the Cultuurtuin Scavengerhunt

15 March 2021

The Cultuurtuin is one of the few, public, green places in Paramaribo that is accessible to everyone. It is of great cultural and historical value and it also has a special botanical history. In the context of World Forest Day, we organize a sport-scavenger hunt for those who would like to 'discover' more about the "Cul" and would enjoy a challenge!

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"Look! The Green Giants" Challenge

22 May 2020

When we talk about the Green Giants of Paramaribo, we mean the Kankantri (Ceiba pentandra) and the Rain Tree (Samanea saman). Within this project we want to map the Green giants. Share as many photo's of the Giants as much as possible on your Facebook wall!

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World Challenge Day Suriname Goes Green

29 May 2019

The World Challenge Day with a green twist! A green environment contributes to a good health, both mentally and physically. #TakeBackYourStreets was a concept for the World Challenge Day on Wednesday 29th of May 2019

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