Ecosystem Services

Nature contributes to our well-being in various ways through so-called ecosystem services.

There are production (eg food, water), regulatory (eg climate, pollination) and cultural services (eg recreation, health). Urban green provides various ecosystem services. Want to know more?

Our natural environment

This information video was made for the situation in the Netherlands, this project investigates the role of urban green for Paramaribo. Ecosystem services are the benefits that nature offers us.

Urban green offers a range of ecosystem services that contribute to maintaining urban biodiversity and people's well-being.

Reference- Atlas Natuurlijk Kapitaal Nederland

A quantitative review of urban ecosystem service assessments: Concepts, Models and Implementation.

There is already a lot of literature worldwide that studies ecosystem services, but only a few focus on studies looking at urban ecosystem services. The fact that more than half of the world's population lives in cities underlines the importance of both the provision of and the need for urban ecosystem services. Which urban ecosystem services are most researched and which forms of urban land use are studied?

Are there models or decision-making tools that assess the provision of urban ecosystem services? This article has analyzed 217 papers to address these questions, among others.

Most studies on urban ecosystem services have been conducted in cities in Europe, North America and China.

Reference: Haase et al., 2014

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Urban ecosystem Services in Latin America: mismatch between global concepts and regional realities?

Latin America and the Caribbean is one of the most urbanized and biologically diverse regions in the world, but is often characterized by weak environmental governance and socio-economic inequalities.

With vast intact biomes, a long history of indigenous peoples and recent trends of urbanization, the concept of urban ecosystem services has the potential to address issues surrounding the well being of its citizens.

This article looks at relevant literature on the application of the concept of urban ecosystem services in Latin America and shows how Suriname has no data yet.

Reference: Dobbs et al., 2018

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