Foto Prani

Photo Prani episodes are for the inspiration and motivation of starting your own garden. More greenery in your yard brings many benefits. You also contribute to mental health. Watch the episodes here.

1. What is Foto Prani?


Meet the gardeners!

Noraisah Tjong A Hung: A young enthusiastic beginner in the garden. Completely motivated because she experiences how much benefit it gains. Nothing can demotivate her. Watch her experience in the 5 episodes.

Julstra Meyerhoven: A very driven woman who especially inspires others with what she prefers to do. In a very creative way with different materials that she reuses, she shows what is possible despite the yard being very small.

Sophia en Naomie Crab: Super women who also make full use of nature and everything it has to offer. They give a lot of tips by showing what they do for a successful harvest.

Vanya Poese: An entrepreneur who, in addition to her work, always has the need to spend some time in the garden because it does very well. It provides inner peace and of course it is very good to see the growth.

Delano Ponit: The man who above all shows that there are other possibilities to be self-sufficient. Hydroponics has become more popular over the years. And that too can be done in a small space.

Nigel Telting: Shares his experience and interest in the modern way of growing. Hydroponics! As a young gentleman, of course, he also wants to inspire other young people.

Jef Crab: The man with experience and the one who was especially with the team of Foto Prani since day 1. The man who wants to encourage society with love and inspiration to appreciate nature.


There are ups and downs, it's not always easy. However, there are many more advantages than disadvantages of greenery in the garden:
  • Planting fruits and vegetables can save you money.
  • It's healthy because you know what you're eating.
  • It is good for your physical and mental health, because you are in motion and in contact with nature.
  • You can enjoy the growth and flowering of your plants.
  • It is a fun activity to do with the family.



2. A fertile soil


No one cares for or fertilizes the trees in the forest. Yet the jungle is abundant. Where do all the nutrients come from that these gigantic trees and this abundance of plants, flowers, fruits of the forest and all crops produce? The entire ecosystem is aimed towards creating fertile soil; that is, nature maintains itself!


Some tips for having good soil for the plants:

  • A soil rich in micro-organisms is a very good soil for plants.
  • Burning dry leaves and plants is a loss of nutrition for your soil. You can use them as mulch, keep them in a pile or put them in a barrel for making compost.
  • Mulching or the covering of the ground is necessary to keep the soil around your plant moist and cool.
  • You can make compost in your own yard with vegetables and garden waste, and even on a small surface, for example by using an old rice bag.
  • Fruit in your compost can attract ants. You can therefor use fruit in a waiting pile.
  • If you do hydroponics, you can pour the used fertilizers in the garden where other plants and trees are or you can add it to your compost.


3. Plants are families


In nature, all parts are connected and everything has a function. Likewise, plants and trees can help each other in the growth and defense of pests and diseases. When do they do well together? How can you protect your plants in a healthy way? And why is it good to always have a tree or two in the yard? Our gardeners share their best tips!


Trees also encourage very good growth. Apart from that, they provide cooling in your yard. Especially in our tropical city where we are often longing for coolness.

  • Plants are families and support each other!
  • Flowers help with the pollination of your crops.
  • Certain herbs help against insect pests. If that doesn't help enough, you can always use a safe methods, such as neem or soap. But, don't use too much or your plants will burn!
  • Trees in the garden also provide several benefits!


4. Efficient and effective use of your area


Few space in your yard does not have to be a reason not to plant. With a little imagination you can make the most of your space, not only on the ground, but also in the air. Old crates, tires or even PET bottles? Don't throw them away, reuse them.


By reusing old material such as wood, stones and tires, you give waste material a new purpose and you save money! The more you create yourself, the stronger you feel the connection with your plants and garden. That connection gives you a piece of inner peace every day. And so your garden helps you to maintain your mental health on busy days.

  • With a little creativity you can grow a lot of vegetables in any yard, regardless of the size
  • Choose the plants that suit your space.
  • You can reuse old material to make planters.
  • Foto Prani and mental health go hand in hand.




5. Crop rotation and plant propagation


Crop rotation is an ideal technique to prevent the fertile soil from becoming less productive. Each plant takes different nutrients from the soil and returns different elements to the soil.


There are several options for keeping your garden green and productive. Finally, others can also enjoy the greenery in your garden: exchanging plants or giving a plant as a gift at a birthday are great ideas!

With Foto Prani the gardeners hopefully inspired both young and old with their stories to get started with plants, crops and trees in the garden. This way you can enjoy a piece of greenery in your own environment.

There is also a future for our youngsters in Foto Prani. Because we all need to eat. We are blessed with what Mama Aisa (Mother earth) provides us.

Efu yu sorgu gi den bon, yu e sorgu gi a libi.

(When you for the trees, you care for the future.)