Urban Planning

Urban planning is important for land use development and design, providing services such as transportation, sewage and infrastructure. The livability of a city (healthy environment, cultural experience, safety) is important for the well-being of residents.

Urban greenery plays an important role in this! Want to know more?

Livable and Sustainable cities

People around the world are increasingly confronted with large-scale challenges such as environmental destruction. Many of these challenges arise from urban areas and the consumption associated with the lifestyles in these areas. Fortunately, we are working hard to find solutions to these challenges.

This documentary explores the most innovative ideas, technologies and initiatives applied in cities in their quest to create more livable and sustainable cities.

Reference - WWF International

A challenge to cities: how can we incorporate green spaces?

Urban greenery contributes to livable cities where the built-up and natural environment are intertwined. However, creating and building green spaces in urban areas is sometimes seen as a challenge, especially in developing countries where there is pressure on use of space for resources and development.

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Our cities need more green spaces for rest and play

Urban greenery has several benefits for human well-being. However, it is not always easy to create the space for this. Fortunately, there are several types of urban greenery that provide these benefits.

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Modern Compact Cities: How Much Greenery Do We Need?

The compact city contains a high density and a mixed use pattern. The elements that a city contains contribute to a form of functional urban design that supports sustainability and emphasizes the importance of ecosystem services. Urban greenery plays an important role in the design and impact of how compact cities develop. This calls out the question of how much green space individuals need in the city and to what extent current approaches to design and planning of cities can provide this. The article also examines the perception, use, quality, accessibility and health risks of urban greenery.

Resource- Russo & Cirella, 2018

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