Education material

We developed unique teaching material on the role van urban green in tropical regions and made this freely available for higher and primary education.

About our eduation material

Higher education: E-module Urban Green Spaces

This digital learning module was developed by university teachers and researchers with the aim of giving students a solid introduction to urban green planning and management, the functions and benefits of green spaces in the city, and the measurement and evaluation of planning options. The focus here is on urban green spaces in tropical regions. This module could be used by students of Environmental Sciences, Management of Natural Resources, Spatial Planning, Geography, or by professionals in these themes. The learning module contains 40 to 60 hours of short videos with explanations, reading material, assignments and quizzes. The e-module has been developed for self-study but can also be included in an ongoing course. After downloading the digital module, it can be used without being connected to the Internet. Download the e-module here!

Are you a teacher and would you like to consult the teacher manual with tips for classroom and practical exercises? This is also available for download here.

Primary Education: Lesplan Stedelijk groen in Suriname

In this lesson plan (in Dutch!) contains general information on the topic of urban green spaces, some assignments that you can do together with your students , and instructions for monitoring the temperature with our sensors on your school yard. The topics and assignments can be divided into several shorter lessons spread over different days. The target group is 10-11 year olds. View and download the Lesplan Stedelijk groen in Suriname.